Welcome to my latest news page!

18th May 2013 - I launched my all new tpkaraoke.co.uk website to help make it friendlier on mobile devices - some mobile devices don't support Adobe Flash and since most of my buttons and menus were Flash this was causing a lot of problems in the past.

20th June 2013 - Gordon March “Chronicles of Time” pages were updated to the new format.

24th June 2013 - I launched my new "My Family tree" section on this site.

25th June 2013 - I launched the new Family Photos Page.

6th July 2013 - I launched the new Grave yards Photos Page.

7th July 2013 - I launched the new TPK Gallery Photos Page.

13th Aug 2013 - Updated the Audio on this site to cover as many browsers as possible,
If your browser does not play the audio, please let me know with the type browser
you are using. Thank you.

18th Sept 2013 - Fixed the bug that prevented "internet explorer 8" displaying the pages correctly in the Family tree section

They will phone you out of the blue; from the number “01800456324” plus variations of this number they also now use a 6 digit number the first 3 are 001---, it is some kind of Indian call centre.
They claim to be a third party company affiliated to Microsoft and that I need to allow them access to my computer to fix the malicious files that have been downloaded. They will not tell you how they knew the files were on your PC and are reluctant to answer any other questions. It is most definitely a scam. Microsoft will not ring you unless you have asked them to. DO NOT give them any details about yourself or access to your computer.

Personally I have received quite a lot of them.
They pose as your Bank, Building society, Credit Card Company or Pay-pal
Even the Inland Revenue
They always start the e-mail by saying “Dear valued Customer or similar”
Do not respond to them it is a SCAM!
Your Bank, Building society, Credit Card Company or Pay-pal will always
Address you by your name, stay safe

13 Nov 2014 - Added a link to my Cousin Marian Heawood’s Website. Songwriter and Composer.