Welcome to my all new tpkaraoke.co.uk website!

Hello I'm Den, I'm the old Codger in the middle!

The original website was first setup several years ago and has remained the same design until recently where it's gone through some major changes. Back when it was originally designed mobile devices were very basic, now we are in an age where the mobile is the equivalent of a personal computer!

tpkaraoke.co.uk was originally used for my karaoke business some time ago but sadly I decided to retire for various reasons. This website is now being used for my family tree and other various interests I have. However, you can still find old Karaoke content I personally captured, and also including photographs friends have sent in to be included on the website.

I recommend the following contact information for all your needs:

MH Entertainments
Email: karaokeoffice@sky.com

The original website used Adobe Flash which is not supported on some devices such as Apple iPad, iPhone and other smart phones or tablets - this was causing a lot of problems for some family members and friends because the buttons for the different sections of my website were using Flash.

If you discover any problems with the website please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for visiting,